Water Damage Samsung S10 Plus Repair


If your phone has first you should remove the phone from water. The longer it stays there, the more water will enter through the cracks. There are few things you need to do and others you must avoid doing , in order to prevent water damage.

What you should not do:

Do not try turn on your phone.

Please don’t put it on charging.

Do not press any buttons of your Smartphone.

Do not shake the phone

Do not use a blow dryer as the heat can damage your Samsung galaxy phone.

Here the basis steps :

1. First of all , remove the battery of your Samsung S10\ 10 plus

2. If your phone has a sim card or memory card then take it out.

3. Dry your Phone with cloth

4. Visit the phone repair shop

If that doesnt work by applying the above methods, the battery may be broken. You could try to replace the battery, or taking a Samsung galaxy phone to a repair shop.

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